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Inspiring Dance for 25 Years

Developing well-rounded dancers who move on to discover a world of opportunities in dance and life.



The Directors of White Marsh Ballet Academy have a shared mission to inform and inspire their students. Creating thinking dancers, prepares them for the field of dance as well as life.  Once professional dancers, the directors instill excellence thoughout the academy.  This excellence combined with patience and love of dance create a perfect environment for Individuality and expression. A careful approach to training and proper technique are  priorities  at WMBA, as well as promoting dance as an art form.  



We love to teach, we love to dance, and we have a passion for life! We offer outstanding technical training by professionals in the field. Our teachers strive to engage students in a positive atmosphere, helping them build a foundation for not only dance, but also for life. Life skills, a family atmosphere  and passionate mentorship in dance, bring out the best in our students helping them to reach their full potential.

Our Alumni

If you are looking for a career in dance you'll find our program rigorous and challenging in ways that can prepare you for the next level. Our students will be prepared to pursue dance in college or as a career, should they be interested. Through dance, our students learn life skills such as punctuality, respect, self- motivation, and persistence in reaching their goals. These are not only the skills needed for our students to pursue a professional career in dance, if they should choose, but also skills necessary to succeed in life.

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