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What to Wear

Dress codes are in place to maintain dance traditions, promote unity and as a commitment to high personal and professional standards in the studio.

Be sure to label all your dance clothes, shoes and bags!

Summer Dress Codes

Summer Dress codes are more relaxed. Girls may wear a solid color leotard of your choice, tights or socks and the appropriate hair and shoe style. Be sure to label all your dance clothes, shoes and bags! Please see below for boys dress code, types of shoes and how to wear your hair. Click on class name to see an example.

All Ballet

Beyond Ballet

Ballet Leotard & Tights

For Solid color leotard in the color shown in the example, pink tights and pink ballet slippers.. 

Tap, Jazz, Modern & Hip Hop Classes

Add Black leggings or Jazz Pants to ballet leotard worn. For students not taking ballet, please purchase a black leotard

tap tot 2.png

Types of Shoes needed  


Ballet- pink leather or canvas ballet slippers

Tap- Black patent leather or oxford tap shoes

Jazz/Musical Theater & Lyrical- Black slip on Jazz Shoes

Modern- Bare Feet

Hip-Hop- Clean tennis shoes worn only in class

How to wear your hair

Hair for all dance classes must be securely pulled back, away from the face and off the neck.


Ballet Buns (for Ballet) and

Pony Tails (Other classes) are required 

Dress Code Male Students

Ballet  black tights dance pants, solid white t-shirt, white socks, black ballet slippers with elastic

Jazz/Tap  solid-color dance pants, solid-color t-shirt, socks, boys/mens black tap shoes, black Jazz shoes

Hip-Hop  dance pants or bike/soccer shorts or cargo pants, t-shirt, plain tennis shoes worn only in studio


Tots Classes

We know that little ones can be sensitive, you may have them wear the uniform listed above... it's super cute, however if your child has sensitive skin, loose fitting clothes, or a leotard can be worn.

Ballet Shoes and/or Tap are required!

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Jillian Jenkins

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Annabel found her home at WMBA and has loved every minute with every single teacher. Seriously, best decision ever.

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Browse by class for all that you need.

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