Pre- Professional Program

Students that choose to be a part of our Pre-Professional Training Program have recognized that dance is a passion for them and something they may want to become more invested in.  These students will follow a specific syllabus of classes to advance their skills, technique and artistry. Because of the high level of commitment of these dancers, we offer these Discounted multi-class Packages... a great savings! Students aspiring to join the Dance Company are recommended to train in the Pre-Professional Program. 


Reach for the Stars                       

Intermediate Hip Hop


Intermediate Tap

Ballet II (II/Russian Tech) (2 Classes Weekly)

Pointe Prep (optional)


Musical Theater 2 (and/or) Jazz II

Modern II


Intermediate/Advanced Tap


Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop


Ballet IIB (2 Classes weekly)


Intermediate Pointe (2 Classes weekly)

Ballet III  (1 Class Weekly)

Pointe III  (1 Classes Weekly)


Jazz IIB


Modern IIB



Advanced Hip Hop


Ballet IIB/III (1 Class)


Intermediate Pointe (2 Classes Weekly)

Ballet III (1 Class Weekly)

Pointe III (1 class Weekly)

Ballet III-IV (1 Class)

Advanced Jazz


Advanced Tap


Advanced Modern

White Marsh Ballet Academy

Ballet-Pointe-Jazz-Modern-Tap-Hip Hop


8007 Corporate Drive- Suite G

Nottingham, MD 21236

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