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Day School Camps (K-12)

We are ready for the 2020-2021 school year to help your child grow in a safe and structured environment. Designed for parents that need assistance looking after their child while they log in to virtual school classes and independent learning. School, homework, fitness, dance, science, parkour and hobbies round out the day!


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Dance Classes (2-6 yrs)

Our Program includes Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern and Hip-Hop classes. Interactive dance skills such as stretching, basic positions, and movement across the room will be taught in a fun age appropriate way. 

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Young Ballerinas

Not sure what your child will like? We offer a variety of different dance styles. 

Find a class you like and come on in to try it out. Visit us we will have a free tutu ready for your little dancer!



Dance Styles

White Marsh Ballet Classes

We teach the Russian method of Ballet which is commonly used in performing companies and is considered to have precise movements that express clean lines. Students recieve the strong classical dance foundation needed for all other forms of dance. 


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White Marsh Ballet Jazz Classes

Movement dynamics, body isolations  and performance expression will introduce an entirely different movement style to the dancer’s repertoire.  Class includes supplemental stretching as well as across the floor movement with increasingly complex turns and leaps. Style, musicality and dynamic will be a focus of this class.

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White Marsh Ballet Pointe Classes

Beginning Pointe class can be taken on flat or in pointe shoes at the instructors discretion. All pointe classes are designed for students with previous ballet training. Each class includes barre exercises, center floor work and across the floor combinations. These exercises focus on strengthening the feet and ankles.


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White Marsh Ballet Academy Tap Classes

Students will explore all tap styles from Broadway to Rhythm tap.  The first classes will begin with introduction to the sounds that the parts of the feet make leading to more advanced concepts such as complex phrasing and rhythms. The dancer will be challenged to develop coordination, musicality and style within the technique.

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Modern dance is one of the techniques along with Ballet that students often need to enter into most magnet schools and university dance programs. Modern dance is imperative to teach dancers how to curve, bend, find off center balances and drop their weight.  Class work is performed barefoot true to the technique of modern dance.

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White Marsh Ballet Academy Hip Hop

A blend of several styles of Hip-Hop, popular dance and jazz. Strength and stamina will be developed to successfully perform moves. The class includes upper and lower body conditioning as well as a rigorous cardio warm-up to help prepare students for more intense movements.

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Specialty Classes

Specialty Classes are designed to supplement regular technique classes. These are challenging classes designed to be fun and expressive. If you want to propel yourself to the next level, strength, expressive movement, form and flexibility are key!

Stretch & Conditioning

Students will increase their understanding of anatomy and dance alignment while increasing flexibility and strengthening their core. Stretching and strengthening turnout muscles, legs, feet and back are incorporated.. The class will begin with a cardio warm up needed in order to prepare the body for safe stretching and release of muscle tension.

Musical Theatre

This fun expressive class will concentrate on broad way style dance movements. Our instructors introduce lip-syncing and choreography into a variety of dance techniques and styles. Young students as well as teens and adults learn choreography from selected musicals. Participants are sure to develop stage presence and confidence through character driven dance. Previous dance training is recommended.

Turns & Leaps

Increase your power, height and extension while focusing on the proper technique used for leaps, jumps and turns that are used in all forms of dance. This specialized class is a way to learn how to better execute basic leaps, center jumps, turns, and fouetté.

Choreographers Showcase

Let your imagination soar as you create dances of your own. Students will learn the basic elements needed to choreograph a dance. Time management, performance production, lighting design will be incorporated as students learn and rehearse each others choreography. Class culminates in a black box performance showcase during our fall Open House!

White Marsh Ballet Modern Classes

Groove with Maria

GROOVE is simply basic dance moves blended with ridiculously awesome music to create the most delicious experience for everyone.  This fun, easy dance/fitness class eliminates right and left, front and back, so you can't get it wrong. The class unites in a single, incredibly simple move or rhythm, but you get to dance it your way.  GROOVE is complete nourishment for the body, mind and soul!


A daytime Ballet Workout to help you stand taller, feel stronger, have more energy! Balletone uses ballet moves and exercises to strengthen, tone, align, and stretch your entire body. Incorporates cardio and stretching. If you enjoy or want to try the elegance of ballet and work off those inches, this is the class for you. Bring an exercise or yoga mat. Wear comfortable workout clothing and bare feet. No previous dance necessary.

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White Marsh Ballet Academy

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