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Alexandra Kelly


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Allie is an experienced and classically educated dance teacher with a background in various dance styles. She has trained in jazz for five years, tap for ten years, and ballet for 15 years at The Ballet School of Chapel Hill, where she had the privilege of learning from esteemed mentors such as Gene Medler, Diane Eilber, Julie and Tyler Walters, M’Liss Dorrance, David Alan Cook, Robin Vail, and Laurie Yeames, among others.
Allie's passion lies in imparting the art of dance to children, fostering their love for the discipline while nurturing their creativity. Throughout her career, She has performed in roles such as Spanish Chocolate, Tea, and Snow Queen with the Triangle Youth Ballet Nutcracker and as the Lilac Fairy with The Ballet School of Chapel Hill.

Allie's credentials extend beyond performance, as she has been actively involved in teaching ballet for several years at The Ballet School of Chapel Hill. Additionally, she choreographed and directed a University of North Carolina ballet company for four years. Allie is a licensed social worker and spends her week working as a therapist in Baltimore City Schools.

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